Here's what our customers have to say about our products and service. Upon request, we can provide references so you can speak to them directly.

The Holdwick team has done a tremendous job of taking my ideas, pictures, and an old hoof trimming truck to build a “Cadillac” for my business. Because of the magnitude of the project, many prototype templates were made to be sure the actual pieces would work. Holdwick’s have ingenuity, skills and the tools to manufacture this “one of a kind” machine. Hydraulics was a major portion of the project. The complexity of the hydraulics was the final challenge to make the machine work efficiently and smoothly. Holdwick’s were able to design the system to work with an electric driven pump, supplying an oil accumulator then activating each hydraulic cylinder with various pressure regulating and flow control valves. The Holdwick’s accomplished my goal of having a faster, efficient, operator and cow-friendly machine.
— Gary Buchholz Buchholz Hoof Care LLC Harbor Beach, MI
“Hodgman Drainage is very pleased with our on board reel carrier that we purchased in 2006 for our Bron plow. The summer of 2010, we bought two new plows, one Bron and one Inter_Drain, and we outfitted them both with reel carriers. We find the on board reel carriers to be very efficient and we are very pleased with the decision we made to go with your company’s product.”
— Scott Hodgman Hodgman Drainage Claremont, MN
“Hazel Bros. Drainage LLC purchased a Holdwick onboard reel for our Bron 550 tile plow in 2002. The increase in efficiency by carrying the tile on the plow is incredible. We have since traded plows and have a new Holdwick reel on our new plow. We are very satisfied with the workmanship of the reel. They are very rugged and built to outlast the plows. It is rare in this day and age to find equipment as durable as the Holdwick reel. We will definitely buy another one when we trade plows.
— Brian Haskin Hazel Bros. Drainage LLC Sunfield, Michigan
“Hi guys, didn’t realize we had it this long, but we use it every day and have not had any problems at all. I would buy another one but i don’t see this wearing out.”
— Jack Bower Bower Tiling Clyde, Ohio
“I purchased a Holdwick Tiling onboard Manufactured Reel for my Bron 450 Drainage Plow! It greatly increased the installing of footage with much less labor, in fact, it reduced my employees by on man. It increased my productivity from that day on. The Holdwick Co. was always service centered which made getting advice important when I needed it. The company was very good about informing me of updates to the Reel and Service on how to install.”
— Sherman D. Hecksel S. Hecksel Farms Coopersville, MI
“Back in the late 1990’s we purchased our first spinner from you and were very pleased. Then later we purchased a second spinner from you and were impressed with the many improvements and positive workmanship. The most positive improvement was the main bearing and also the power feeder on rollers. Our business would not be able to function properly without it.”
— John Van Gorp Van Gorp Farm Drainage Springfield, Ontario, Canada
“I resisted three years of encouragement by our crew to put on an onboard reel. finally, I gave in and invested in the addition to our Hoes plow. What a great improvement in our tile installation efficiency. Holdwick Tiling operates a machine shop which fabricated our reel. The “boys” came and measured our machine, designed the method of attachment, built it, and came to our shop to mount it. The entire reel apparatus was built strong, with precision pivot and hinge points, and top quality welding. The reel has given us ten years of service and should continue to keep on rolling. Holdwick’s serviced our needs and gave us a quality addition to our plow, exceeding our expectation. The service, workmanship, and product quality of Holdwick’s gets our complete endorsement as we have often recommended other contractors to install their on board reel.
— Dave Auernhamer Auernhamer Trenching Frankenmuth, MI
“I would not tile without the Holdwick manufactured reel on my Bron Plow! It saves so much time and boost productivity in my business. If the Reel were to break down, we would shut down our plow and fix it. We would not run without it. It has been a great necessity to our business and has increased our production by 50%”
— Trevor J. Young, S. Hecksel Farms LLC Ravenna, MI