HTC began building “onboard tile reels” in 1998; building the first one for their new Bron machine.  They quickly started building them for other individual contractors, for RWF in Canada for the various Bron plows they were manufacturing, and for Port Industries in Missouri.  HTC has built onboard reels to fit not only Bron plows, but also Interdrain, Hoes, Dynapac, Wolfe and various dozers.  Over 100 have been built since that first one; they have shipped as far east as New Brunswick, Canada, as far west as South Dakota, and as far south as Tennessee.   

Holdwick Tiling Company (HTC) was formed in September 1963 for the purpose of installing farm tile drainage in addition to doing machine repair and fabrication for the surrounding agricultural and small industrial area.   Three different machines were used:  an open wheel Speicher 600 trenching machine, a rubber tired Steiger with a Krac plow and a 350 Bron Plow over the 40 plus years HTC installed farm tile.  HTC remembers the days of setting targets using a transit level, to grade control with a laser, to finally GPS.  Clay and cement tile went by the wayside in favor of plastic tile on reels.

HTC is still owned and operated by the original owner, Bill Holdwick, along with his four sons: Eric, Kevin, Greg and Keith.  They have extensive experience working in “the shop” and are excellent welders, milling machine, and lathe operators.   If you can describe what you want or what you need a particular product to do, HTC can most likely build it for you; or they will be honest enough to say, “that won’t work….you won’t be happy with it…it will cost more for us to build than…” 

If you need an onboard reel or any other specialty, one-of-a-kind item, give Holdwick Tiling Company a call; we know the freight truck will be able to find you for delivery!  Please see the Fabrication Service tab for other items built by Holdwick Tiling Co.